NCLA Dead End Gorgeous collage
Hi everyone! Hope your week is going well so far! I’ve been busy preparing for my midterm exams. Today I have a new to me brand to share with you: NCLA from sunny Southern California! The creators describe their brand with the following passionate words: “Our true essence, the way we create, the moments that truly inspire us, are deeply embedded in our DNA. Our goal is to design luxury nail products by effortlessly combining our love for everything Fashion and Beauty.”

I’ve been wanting to try NCLA’s lacquers for a while now. So, recently, I purchased Dead-End Gorgeous from Harlow & Co. When I received it, I immediately noticed the beautiful packaging and high quality material. The box is sturdy with a small cut out window on the side, allowing the color of the lacquer to peek out. I adore the heavy square glass bottle, as it is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to stack.

ncLA Bottle shot

I was also impressed by  the 15ml (.5 fl once) capacity. This is a generous amount of lacquer for a luxury brand. Another bonus feature I enjoyed is the option to snap off the square brush cap, where I discovered a textured round applicator cap (similar to Butter London but slightly longer). This design enables the elegant square packaging without compromising ease of application. I honestly think that the geniuses behind NCLA had thought through every little detail.

ncLA Drop Dead Gorgeous swatch

Application was a dream due to both the perfect formula and easily spreadable brush that allows for ease of control. I found the color absolutely dead-end gorgeous. Highly reflective, iridescent navy and violet micro glitters live in a pool of smoky blackened violet liquid, creating a smooth, intense and mysterious lacquer that gleams with sparkle by day, and twinkles with sensuality at night.

ncLA Drop Dead Gorgeous Macro
The wear test of this lacquer was also impressive. 3 days, no chip or tip wear with just a thin layer of topcoat in spite of my typing consistently on the computer for school.

Since where I live currently lacks sunlight, I did some magic that I learned from to show off this sparkle beauty in true fashion. Let me know if you’d like me to make a separate tutorial of my English version of this “Revealing Gothic Beauty” technique. Basically, in spite of this particular lacquer being incredibly opaque, only needing 1 coat to reach full opacity, I painted 2 coats—this is to ensure there is a solid color base in order to ensure success in the next step. Once dry, I gently graced the surface of the polish with a small flat brush dipped in a tiny amount of acetone to remove some of the opaque dark color while leaving the glitter in tact. Apply topcoat and you can dazzle your (and everyone else’s) eyes with this gorgeous creation.

ncLA Drop Dead Gorgeous nail artIG
I created this simple design of bold geometric shapes in bold white for two reasons: 1. I wanted to show off the chic side of Dead-End Gorgeous with nail art without covering up too much of the sparkle; 2. I have been eyeing all of the ornate and intricate nail wraps from NCLA for a long time. Until I can get my hands on them, I thought it fitting to create nail art inspired by their very own geometric designs.

ncLA Drop Dead Gorgeous Nail Art Macro

So, what do you think? Have you tried NCLA yet? If not, you should definitely check out their website. I included all of their social media links down below. Are there any current colors on your wish list? Hint: Christmas is coming up!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Δ Find NCLA: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Tumblr|Youtube|Instagram|Pinterest
Δ Where I got my NCLA: Harlow & Co, another option NailPolishCanada
Δ Basecoat: Nail Tek Foundation II (Winners), also NailPolishCanada
Δ Topcoat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (Walmart), also NailPolishCanada