Owl Nail Art Collage

“Hoot” are you everyone? Today is the last of my series of piCture pOlish mini nail art challenge. Although I feel sad the nail art challenge project with PP has come to an end, I also have truly enjoyed every polish and nail art. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Jules (and the girls) ♥♥♥

Sometimes, I find that inspiration comes in the most surprising ways. As I was swatching the bright polishes, little purple and pink colored owls popped into my head. And so birthed my piCture pOlish Owl family nail art combining these three gorgeous polishes!

Link to Tutorial

Let’s take a look at the swatches.

Lacquertude_PP Imperial Swatch

Imperial is a piCture pOlish collaboration shade with Jeanette from the The Swatchaholic. Where do I even begin to describe this amazing creation? It’s got a neon purple base, signature PP scattered holographic particles, small iridescent glass flecks that shift between pink and blue, and small gold glitters. As the creator also noted, this gorgeous color is super difficult to capture. My camera kept capturing it way too blue. So, I did my absolute best in post production to bring you as close to real life as possible. And I think this is pretty good. You’ll need to see it for yourself to truly appreciate it. I was really impressed to see that even though the base is such a saturated neon purple, all of the details of the added particles still danced clearly in the light. Perfect formula as usual, 2 coats to opacity and I felt the glitters spread well for me even though I didn’t bother shaking or rolling the bottle. Go to Jeanette’s blog to see the original story behind her creation.

Lacquertude_Imperial Color Sample

Color sample to show all the amazingness.

Lacquertude_PP_Hot Lips Swatch

Hot Lips is a true neon pink. It’s like pink fire and spotlights out to singe your eyes. Not much else to say, except if you like neons, then you’ll need it. Not convinced? Well, Hot Lips is super pigmented for a neon polish: 2 single coats, no white base, perfectly opaque, and dries fast. I applied topcoat since it’s naturally matte and I usually prefer the glossy look.

Lacquertude_PP_Tiffany Swatch

Tiffany was already featured in my last post here, but here’s a photo of the swatch to complete the post. If you like turquoise, then you’ll need this too. Best turquoise formula, ever. 2 smooth coats.

Lacquertude_PP Owl Nail Art

Lastly, a larger shot of my owl nail art. Don’t they look cute and happy together? The one in the middle is the owl mommy. The rest are owl babies. I guess owl daddy’s out working…LOL. I’ve been testing HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat (my own purchase), and it’s now hands down my favorite. I’ve used it here and in spite of the pigmented neon polishes, there’s no streaking or color transfer. The topcoat is super fast drying, does not shrink, and wears like iron. I had this nail art on for 4 days and no tip wear! Do you like this design? Would you like to see a tutorial?

Thank you so much for reading! The owls bid you good day! “HOOT HOOT!”

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Δ Base coat: Nail Tek Foundation II (Winners), also NailPolishCanada
Δ Top coat: HK Girl Glisten & Glow, also NailPolishCanada