Lacquertude FUN Lacquer LeadHi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today, I introduce to you a new to me indie brand: F.U.N. Lacquer, which stands for Fabulously Unique Nail Lacquer. This brand hails from the land of Singapore and its creator, Yuin Ying, is such a sweet and creative girl. I was glad to oblige when she approached me, asking if I would like to swatch her newest line. So, without further ado, I have the FUN Lacquer Christmas 2013 collection consisting of 3 thermals, 1 holo, and 2 glitters, all swatched here for you. Since all of the colors in this collection go together so cohesively, I also included 2 nail art designs using all of these polishes to give you some ideas on how to use them for the wintry December and festive Christmas! So, grab a cup of tea or coffee and read on, as I’ve got tons of photos and nail art goodies to show you in this post  🙂

First up, the 3 thermals! This is my first experience with thermal polishes. They are so much fun to wear and a bit tricky to photograph. They definitely tested the quickness of my photography skills. All 3 colors have similar smooth formula infused with sparkling shimmers, reaching opacity in 3 thin coats. And they all mostly shift from a light pearly color (warm) to a bright and saturated hue (cold). As always, every photo is topcoated with HK Girl Glisten & Glow, the unsung hero ♥

Lacquertude_FUN Wishing Star Warm

Wishing Star (warm) is a pearly baby yellow. Kind of reminds me baby chicks. The slight dark tint to the photo is just an optical illusion from the sparking shimmers reflecting light.

Lacquertude_FUN Wishing Star Transition

Wishing Star (transition) has a really soft color blend. The effect reminds me of delicious lemon tarts.

Lacquertude_FUN Wishing Star Cold

Wishing Star (cold) is such a festive glowing yellow. I can almost hear the twinkling of the stars when I look at it.

Lacquertude_FUN X'Mas 201Tree Warm

X’Mas 201Tree (warm) is the softest pearly green. I see snow covered evergreen trees when I look at this.

Lacquertude_FUN X'Mas 201Tree Transition

X’Mas 201Tree (transition). This is the strongest thermal, so at room temperature, my nails almost always have the little sparkly green tips. It looks like I’m wearing the perfect winter green French manicure.

Lacquertude_FUN X'Mas 201Tree Cold

X’Mas 201Tree (cold) is a vibrant medium green. You can see the shimmer goodness in this image. Wow, Christmas tree in a bottle!

Lacquertude_FUN Icy Snow_Warm

Icy Snow (warm) is my favorite thermal in this collection. The pearly baby blue has just a slight touch of pink/purple duochrome that adds depth to the shade, resulting in an overall look that resembles mother of pearl. This is how the polish usually looks in warm temperature. Such a delicate beauty.

Lacquertude_FUN Icy Snow_Transition

Icy Snow (transition) shows the medium blue tips. Again, like French tips, but not as strong as you’d see in X’Mas 201Tree.

Lacquertude_FUN Icy Snow_Cold

Icy Snow (cold) is a vivid medium blue filled with shimmers. Here, you can see the purple duochrome much better. I love this look. The color shift is not very strong, but I think it’s perfect in adding that touch of mystery and depth to this amazing lacquers. I know I’ll be reaching for this one again soon.

Lacquertude_FUN DECENTber

DECENTber is the only holo of this collection. It’s a gorgeous deep fire brick red with a strong holographic finish. It’s just amazing that Yuin Ying was able to find the perfect balance between achieving the strong holo within such a saturated red hue because this baby was opaque in one single coat! Look at the gorgeousness! Even though blue is my favorite color generally and I absolutely adored Icy Snow, I have to say that DECENTber is my favorite of this collection!

Now, let’s take a look at the 2 glitter toppers. I don’t really wear glitters on their own, so I’ve shown them here in the form of nail arts. I think the glitter gradient shows you how the glitter looks and this way, you get 2 pretty and fun nail art looks that you can try out with this collection. And if you like them but are not sure how to create the looks easily, don’t worry, I’ll be posting super simple tutorials shortly.

Lacquertude_FUN WinterWonderland Nail Art New

Winter Wonderland is a silver holographic topper filled with various sizes of hex and square glitters, infused with an amazing holographic silver micro glitters. Here I’ve created a snowflake accent finger and glitter gradient on the rest. I just love this look. The reflective glitters over the shimmery blue base create the perfect look of sparking ice over glistening snow – truly a winter wonderland. It was really easy to pick up the glitters without having to swirl the brush. They also spread well and I only dabbed in a few areas because I wanted to control the final look.

Link to Tutorial

Lacquertude_FUN Gold Mark Nail Art

Last but certainly not least is Gold Mark. It’s the exactly same combination of glitters as Winter Wonderland, except in gold. When I saw this glitter topper, I immediately thought of creating a nail art with it over DECENTber. I created a simple Christmas tree by masking off X’Mas 201Tree in triangle shape then went over the open space with red. Then, I placed the gold glitters like tinsel and Christmas lights, surrounding the tree merrily. To top it all off, I drew a gold star on top of the tree using Wishing Star.

Link to Tutorial

So, what do you think? I honestly loved this collection. My favorites are DECENTber and Icy Snow. I can also see myself grabbing for X’Mas 201Tree and the glitter toppers when we get closer to Christmas! Which ones are your favorite? What other Christmas nail art would you like to see me try out? Leave me a comment down below and I will definitely try my best to oblige ♥

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful week ahead!

Δ Lacquers Δ

Δ Find FUN Lacquer: Store|Etsy|Face Book|Instagram
Δ Base coat: Nail Tek Foundation II (Winners), also NailPolishCanada
Δ Top coat: HK Girl Glisten & Glow, also NailPolishCanada