Lacquertude 2013 Nail Art Favorites

Happy New Year everyone! Today, I thought I’d do a round up of my Top 10 Favorite 2013 Nail Arts. They are all original creations made by me and were selected based on the amount of blog traffic, likes on Instagram, and requests for nail art. So, you can say that they are all your (my lovely readers’) favorites as well! Before we move on to the photos, I just want to thank you all for the support that you’ve given me during my first year (actually my blog is only 4 months old) of blogging. I appreciate every single follow, each time that you’ve visited, made a comment, and asked a question. You are the reason that makes my blogging journey so much more worthwhile and filled with fun and creativity! I hope to bring you many more nail arts, tutorials, and swatches in the year of 2014 ♥♥♥

Here they are in no particular order:

Lacquertude_PP Owl Nail Art

My Owl Family Nail Art is one of the most popular nail arts that I’ve ever created. It is also one of my most recreated nail arts by fellow nail art lovers. I remember that my original inspiration was a gorgeous owl oil painting by my talented husband. We’ve both loved owls for a long time. Although I may not be an oil painter like my hubby, I do think my cartoon version of the owls turned out great! If you missed it, you can see my original post and use my  Owl Nail Art Tutorial to create your own owls!

Lacquertude Holiday Penguins Nail Art

This is my Holiday Penguins Nail Art, also a super popular one that’s still circulating around the web and on popular social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. You can read about my inspiration of it and more of the story here and follow my Holiday Penguins Nail Art Tutorial to recreate your winter themed penguins!

PP_Under The Sea

This Under The Sea Nail Art was one of my first character based original creation. I used all nail polishes (6 in total) to create this look and I remember it took me a good 3 hours to complete the design. I believe I also had to redo a couple of nails more than twice. But, I felt that the effort was well worth it! See swatches and original post here.

Picture Polish Freya's Cats Electric dream Fairy floss nail art B

My Nested Triangles Nail Art was the first original geometric design that I created when I first began doing my own nail art in August, 2013. The above photo is my recreation of the design using different colors. I honestly think that this pattern would look amazing regardless of what colors you use. You can see the recreation post here and visit the very first Lacquertude blog post to see the original design and story. You will be able to see how much my photography and lighting skills have improved in 4 months time!

ncLA Drop Dead Gorgeous nail artIG Macro

This nail art was inspired by the NCLA nail wraps. I’ll call it the NCLA Dead-End Gorgeous Geometric Nail Art. I was surprised by the fact that so many people LOVED this simple design on Instragram. Even though the end result is really stunning, the creation process was quite easy. That was why I didn’t create a tutorial for it. Let me know if you’d like me to make one for you and I’d be happy to do so.

Lacquertude_PP_Remembrance Day Nail Art

My Remembrance Day Navy Insignia Nail Art was a very special creation to me. My inspiration behind it comes from my desire to commemorate all of the fallen soldiers who risked their lives in exchange for the freedom that we too often take for granted today. Read more about it and follow my Remembrance Day Nail Art Tutorial to create your own version.

Ribbon Nail Art

I created my Breast Cancer Awareness Hope Nail Art to support the amazing cause. This is another creation with an inspiration that’s dear to my heart. I feel emotional every time I think of the lady behind my inspiration. Read more and wear this nail art if you’d like to support the many ladies out there who battle cancer with such strength, hope and faith for life.


This Color Bursts Nail Art design has actually never appeared on my blog before. It was one of my earliest creations and only made it on Instagram since my blog didn’t exist yet. But because it’s such a popular design and was even recreated by a few other nail art lovers, I’ve included it here. You can follow me on Instagram and see my original post there.


This Tangram Nail Art was based inspired by one of my favorite games since childhood. It’s also my first work done with all acrylic colors (only the white base was polish). Like the Under the Sea nail art, it took me almost 3 hours as well. I’m much faster finishing tangram puzzles in real life than I was puzzling them on my nails! Recently, I received a few requests for a tutorial, so I’ll have it up on my blog soon.

Lime Crime_Herringbone

I remember I loved creating this Herringbone Nail Art design. It’s one of my favorite sweater patterns. On the nails, it is unique yet chic! Read more about it and follow the Herringbone Nail Art Tutorial to decorate your nails with this awesome pattern!

That’s it everyone! Did you see your favorites here? In 4 months, this is really quite impressive as far as I’m concerned with nail art creation! I loved every single one of them and I hope you did too. If you’re curious about the tools and polishes used for these nail art, please click on the link in the description to visit the original posts. Do you have any questions? Or suggestions/requests for other nail art that you’d like to see me create? Leave me a comment down below and as usual, I read & appreciate each one and I’d be more than glad to fulfill your requests!

Thank you again for your continuing support and I hope to see you more this year! May 2014 bring the very best to you all ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥