Hi Everyone! Sophie from My Awesome Beauty blog is here guest posting!!! I’m so excited to have her on my blog because I have been a long time admirer of her geometric nail art, her gorgeous photos, and always beautiful nail swatches. In fact, I’ve even recreated some of her designs. She’s been a wonderful inspiration for me. Moreover, I feel a special sense of affinity toward Sophie because she’s from Norway and my husband is Scandinavian. He has already agreed that when we make it to Norway to visit his relatives, we will make a special stop to meet Sophie in personโ€”of course only if she’s willing ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s enough of my rambling, you can actually see her featuring a Norwegian brand called TL Design in her nail art. Let’s all read on and admire her amazing creation!

Hi all Lacquertude-readers!

I’m Sophie from MyAwesomeBeauty.com. I found out about Kate’s blog through instagram somehow a while ago and I instantly fell in love. She is the next-big-one in when it comes to nails and nailart and someone everyone should look out for. I love finding new amazing nail bloggers and I’m so glad I found Kate. You’re amazing, gurl!

Over to my nails for you today!


I’ve always been a fan of the geometric and that has been very visible in my nail art over time. Usually it’s simple yet very effective. I’m also a big fan of using striping tape to mask off, but also in the actual design.

With this design I started off with the beige base which is from a Norwegian brand called TL Design. The nail polish is called Straw. I waited for that to dry before I grabbed some manicure tape and using black polish to make black french tips. After that was dry, I used striping tape to create a black triangle. Then I used striping tape again for beige triangle inside the black one. I took one picture like that before I added some gold striping tape to enhance the design a little bit.

Which one do you like most? With or without striping tape?



Thank you for having me, Kate! I’m excited to see you bloom and see more of your GORGEOUS pictures. PS: will you have a This-Is-My-Photography-Set-Up post for us soon? ๐Ÿ™‚


Awesome Sophie

Sophie, I LOVE this design, with and without striping tape! Although I don’t have the mad photography skills of yours, I will definitely work on a lighting setup post for everyone soon. Thank you so much for guest posting for me and I hope to collaborate with you again in the near future!

Thank you everyone for reading and have a wonderful day!