Lacquertude_Valentine's Day Heart Nail Art Lead

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I have my first Valentine’s Day Manicure  for you! What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Will you be spending it with someone special? Have a party with your friends? Or are you too busy to celebrate it? I think my husband and I might just stay in, cook a meal together and spend some with each other.

I created several different versions depending on your mood, the occasion, how much time you have on your hands, and what polishes you have to work with. I’ll go from the simplest first and progress to the most sparkly, dazzling, and feminine final look that’s pictured above.

Lacquertude_Valentines Day Pink Ombre Nails

I did this Pink Ombre Manicure after I received so much positive response from you for the grey ombre nails I created a while back. All colors used are by piCture pOlish, I will provide links where you can see my swatches of all the colors listed here. The ones that you don’t see will be coming up in a future post soon:

Δ Thumb: Bright White (I will feature it again in an upcoming nail art with full swatch)
Δ Index: Fairy Floss
Δ Middle: Candy
Δ Ring: Hot Lips
Δ Pinky: Flirt

The pinks look so pretty together and they all have wonderful formula for creme polishes. There’s still time before Valentine’s day, so if you want them make sure you act fast!

Lacquertude_Valentines Day Pink Ombre Nails2

Then I added a sparkly heart using piCture pOlish Glitter Ball, an awesome holographic silver glitter topper with small hexagons and micro round glitters. For the heart, I isolated only the hexagon glitters and placed them on my ring nail with using a tooth pick. The result looked like this:

Lacquertude_Valentines Day Heart Nail Art3

I think it’s really cute. The sparkling heart adds a fun touch without being too in your face.

But, after wearing it like that for a few hours, I decided to jazz it up even more…

Lacquertude_Valentines Day Heart Nail Art5

I think it’s mainly because I just wanted to keep playing with Glitter Ball! It’s such an amazing glitter topper! Somehow, it manages to look both spectacularly eye catching yet still remaining somewhat soft and elegant. I think the selection of the glitter size really contributed to the feminine look. The inspiration of the cascading glitter on the remaining nails came from the top I wore in the first photo of this post. Of course I sealed in the design with my favorite HK Girl Glisten & Glow top coat!

Lacquertude_Valentines Day Heart Nail Art6

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed it!  If you recreate it, don’t forget to tag @lacquertude and hashtag #lacquertude on Instagram and you can follow my account here, or post your photo on my Facebook wall. And stay tuned, I’ve got more Valentine’s Day nail art ideas coming up, I just hope I’ll have enough time to create them all!

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day! ♥♥♥

Δ Lacquers Δ

Δ Find piCture pOlish: Website|Network|Face Book|Instagram|Twitter|Pinterest|Youtube
Δ Base coat: CND Stickey Base Coat
Δ Top coat: HK Girl Glisten & Glow, also NailPolishCanada