Lacquertude Picture Polish Dubai Pearls Nail Art

Extra, extra! I’m so excited to show you this top secret “Dubai Pearls Manicure” I created a little while ago for piCture pOlish Bloomingdales-Dubai Official Launch!!! First, a huge congratulations to Jules & Meg, the founders and creators behind piCture pOlish for this momentous milestone! I wish 2014 brings you continuing success for PP in Dubai Bloomingdales and around the globe 🙂 And, a big thank you for including Lacquertude in this amazing experience. I am truly beyond honoured and had a blast creating this exclusive manicure!

First, let’s take a look at the fantastic day Jules had at the launch:

piCture pOlish Dubai Bloomingdales Launch 1

Doesn’t Jules look fabulous in that hot pink dress? And she’s holding a replica of one of favorite piCture pOlish glitter toppers: Blogger! Now, what I wouldn’t give to have a real bottle of those fun glitters in that size?!?!

piCture pOlish Dubai Bloomingdales Launch 2

You can see the manicurists recreating the Dubai Pearls Mani I showed you at the top of the post right at the piCture pOlish counter! Mmm, gorgeous nails and red velvet cupcakes…that would be a dream day for me 🙂

piCture pOlish Dubai Bloomingdales Launch 4

This is Jules with Cat & Sarah from Emerging Beauty Brands, a  family owned distribution company based in Dubai that began stocking piCture pOlish late last year. If you’re based in the Middle East, you should really take a look at their website because they’re dedicated to bringing unique brands like piCture pOlish to your region!

piCture pOlish Dubai Bloomingdales Launch 3

I had to include this photo because I just LOVE the real Blogger polishes displayed in the elegant white frame. I think I NEED one of those!

Naturally, for this launch manicure, all colors used are by piCture pOlish. Here are my swatches of them, starting with the base:

Lacquertude_Picture Polish Atomic Swatch

piCture pOlish Atomic has a gorgeous silvery base that’s loaded with the signature PP holographic particles and light pearly pink shimmers. It’s a really complex shade and you can see in my photo there’s a slight duochrome effect that shows the polish’s mother of pearl look. In real life, it’s even more amazing! This was a collaboration shade with Sarah from Samarium’s Swatches blog, check out her post to see the inspiration and many more beautiful photos!

Lacquertude_Picture Polish Tiffany Swatch

piCture pOlish Tiffany has been featured a few times on my blog. It’s simply the most amazing turquoise blue creme I’ve come across with perfect color and great formula. Check out my previous posts here and here. This is such a classic shade and it’s always in high demand. In fact, it’s currently sold out on piCture pOlish’s website. But you might have better luck finding it at their other stockists like Nail Polish Canada, Llarowe, and Harlow & Co.

Lacquertude_Picture Polish Candy Swatch

piCture pOlish Candy is exactly as it’s name suggests, a bright, sweet & delicious pink that I think would look great on many skin tones. I’ve featured it before too, here.

Lacquertude_Picture Polish Hot Lips Swatch

piCture pOlish Hot Lips was one of the polishes I used for my most popular Owl Nail Art, tutorial here. I just love this eye-searing hot neon pink! As I’ve improved in my photography skills, I decided to swatch this again to hopefully capture the color better. For those of you who don’t know this, neon polishes are super fun to wear but a pain to photograph! I think I did pretty well this round 🙂

Lacquertude_Picture Polish Jade Swatch

piCture pOlish Jade was one of the original set of PP polishes that my husband gave me for my birthday last summer, when I first started my nail art and polish adventure. So many months have past and I still love how it looks!

And all of those colors come together to bring you this simple yet beautiful Dubai Pearls manicure with a colorful twist on the classic French look!

Lacquertude_Picture Polish Dubai Pearls Manicure

Once again, I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to create this exclusive Dubai Pearls Manicure for the piCture pOlish Bloomingdales-Dubai launch! Personally, I loved it! Or you could even call it “obsessed”. I think I had this on for 4 days straight, which is a really long time considering I normally swatch polishes or do nail art nearly everyday.

Did you like this French tip look? Would you wear something like this? Which color combination was your favorite? Drop me a line in the comment section cause I’d love to hear from you 😀 ♥

Thank you so much for reading!

Δ Lacquers Δ

Δ Find piCture pOlish: Website|Network|Face Book|Instagram|Twitter|Pinterest|Youtube
Δ Base coat: CND Stickey Base Coat, Nail Tek Foundation II (Winners), also NailPolishCanada
Δ Top coat: HK Girl Glisten & Glow, also NailPolishCanada