Hi Everyone! Today I’m super excited to share with you the Cadillacquer “Seek The Fire” Collection Swatches and Review! Cadillacquer is an indie brand from Switzerland. Madeleine, the founder and creator of the brand approached me a while ago asking if I would swatch her brand new collection, scheduled to release this Sunday, February 9th! Since I’ve been a long time admirer of her polish creations, of course I said “Yes” immediately. And let me just say that Madeline is not just another indie maker out there. She’s incredibly talented, gorgeous, and such a sweet heart. On top of that, as a blogger, I have to say she’s super organized, which made the collection release process so much easier for me. So, thank you Madeleine, for giving me this amazing opportunity to work with you! ♥

But, that’s enough of my rambling, let’s move on to the collection! In keeping with all other Cadillacquer collections that are based on movies, music and TV shows, the inspiration behind this new collection is the awarding winning PS3 game called “The Last of Us”. If you haven’t heard of it before, I’ll insert a game trailer at the end of the post.

There are 9 polishes in various finishes: scattered holo, jelly, and glitter. I should warn you now that I absolutely loved all 9 of them, so I’d be hard pressed to come up with a favorite. On top of that, every polish reached full opacity in 2 easy coats! Each swatch is with one coat of  CND Stickey Base Coat and one coat and one coat of HK Girl Glisten & Glow top coat.

Cadillacquer_Seek the Fire1

First up is Seek The Fire, the name sake of the collection. The combo choice is quite bold and unique. I’ve seen quite a few indie polishes with red glitter, but most of them have a bright blue, turquoise or green base. Seek The Fire gives a new twist by using a slightly smoky yet still vibrant medium blue creme. I feel it’s very in keeping with the rugged theme of the video game.

Cadillacquer_Seek the Fire2

At first I was concerned over the distribution of the red glitter, but once I applied it, I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth it was! No fishing or placement required.

Cadillacquer_Seek the Fire Color Swatch

This macro shot shows the medium, small, and micro red glitter and bright sparkles that float in the blue base. These details add so much more depth to the overall effect of the polish.

Cadillacquer_The Journey1

The Journey is a gorgeous slate grey/blue with scattered holo finish and bluish green shimmer and sparkle.

Cadillacquer_The Journey2

There’s even a subtle duochrome effect that’s better seen in real life. I’m sure I’ll be reaching for this color again soon.

Cadillacquer_The Journey Color Swatch

You can see all the intricate particles in this macro shot.

Cadillacquer_State of Emergency1

State of Emergency has a dark smoky olive/brown base with scattered holo effect, burgundy shimmer and sparkle that also flash emerald in certain lighting. All of her shades are complex like this one, so get used to seeing me struggling to describe them!

Cadillacquer_State of Emergency2

Cadillacquer_State of Emergency Color Swatch

Ooooo, the macro looks like the galaxy!

Cadillacquer_She's One of a Kind1

She’s One of a Kind is Madeleine’s ode to the main female character of the game, Ellie. I really love this soft look – it’s like a pure and beautiful pearl in the midst of the otherwise mostly darker collection. I would say that it’s perfectly fitting for Ellie, since she carries hope for the otherwise dangerous and desolate world in the game.

Cadillacquer_She's One of a Kind2

I can see myself wearing this elegant shade for work. And the beautiful shimmer and sparkle will keep me from getting bored 🙂

Cadillacquer_She's One of a Kind Color Swatch

You can see here that the light grey base is infused with subtle scattered holographic particles and soft pearly pink shimmer and sparkle.


Survivor is a grape like purple base with pale blue glitter and what to me look like micro magenta shimmer.


Cadillacquer_Survivor Color Swatch

You can see the texture and details much better in the macro.

Cadillacquer_By Night1

By Night is a denim blue scattered holo with micro bright blue glitter and shimmer.

Cadillacquer_By Night2

Cadillacquer_By Night Color Swatch

Another galaxy like macro!

Cadillacquer_Beyond the Walls1

Beyond the Walls is a gorgeous taupe with scattered holo and iridescent particles. This shade is another one that’s complex but also office appropriate and easy to pair with outfits.

Cadillacquer_Beyond the Walls2

Cadillacquer_Beyond the Walls Color Swatch2

Cadillacquer_The Woods1

The Woods is a stunning kelly green with scattered holo and pearly green shimmer and sparkle that create a softened effect. Like She’s One of a Kind, I feel like this cheery green gives a ray of hope and helps me look forward to the spring time!

Cadillacquer_The Woods2

Cadillacquer_The Woods Color Swatch

Cadillacquer_Not Alone1

Not Alone is a dark teal jelly with copper and purple shimmer and small metallic copper glitter.

Cadillacquer_Not Alone2

Cadillacquer_Not Alone Color Swatch

In the macro shot, you can see how amazingly complex Not Alone really is. The purple shimmer are a bit shy, but it’s definitely there. And the copper glitter pairs so well with the teal base that at certain angles, it flashes green!

That’s all 9 polishes from the new Cadillacquer Seek the Fire collection! Overall, I’m really happy with the entire collection. Seek the Fire was a surprising favorite for me and definitely unique in my stash with the red glitter in the dusty blue base. I can see myself wearing She’s One of a Kind and Beyond the Walls throughout the year. I’ll definitely be reaching for The Woods come spring time, or any time I might need to brighten my spirit in the cold winter days. Since blue is my favorite color, it’s obvious that I’ll be wearing By Night and The Journey regularly. So, yeah, see, I just love them all!

Which color is your favorite? Don’t miss out on the launch this Sunday, February 9th! I’d love to see you wearing them, tag @lacquertude and hashtag #lacquertude on Instagram and you can follow my account here, or post your photo on my Facebook wall!

Thank you so much for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The Last of Us Game trailer:

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Δ Find Cadillacquer: Website |Face Book|Instagram | Harlow & Co | Llarowe
Δ Base coat: CND Stickey Base Coat, Nail Tek Foundation II (Winners), also NailPolishCanada
Δ Top coat: HK Girl Glisten & Glow, also NailPolishCanada