Wow, I squeezed in a second post for today – all for you loyal readers so you can see my swatches & review of Picture Polish Borealis. This is another limited edition shade launching on the Picture Polish website this Monday, March 31st at 9:00am, Brisbane Australia time. At the end of the post, I included a quick time conversion for PDT and EDT timezones because I don’t want anyone to miss out since there are only 400 bottles to be launched due to very limited ingredients!


Borealis is the sister of Aurora, and with similar multichromatic shimmer and glitter, they make the perfect pair! This one shifts between electric blue, royal purple, a hint of bright magenta, and warm bronze.


Much like my swatch post of the first 5 Picture Polish LE Collection, shown in my swatches here is 1 coat of Borealis layered over piCture pOlish Black with piCture pOlish Top ‘n Base for base and top coat.


The multichrome glitter in this shade is not as obvious as Aurora, however, it really adds to the depth of the overall look.


WOWZA! The macro shot shows just how much Borealis is set out to blow.your.mind! I love how the focus on the middle fingers shows off the detailed texture of the shade while the bokeh on the other two fingers show off the multichromatic goodness of the shimmer and glitter ♥ Are you able to keep your jaw in place? I know I couldn’t! 😉


Of course I had to include a texture swatch so you can examine more details for yourself.

Picture Polish is restocking the Limited Edition collection (see my swatch and review here) of Aurora, Altered State, Gravity, Illusionist and Solar Flare and launching Borealis, the three reborn Ozotics: Lizzie, Darcy and Bridget (my swatches here) this Monday, March 31st at 9:00am, Brisbane Australia time. That’s 4:00pm, Sunday, March 30th PDT and 7:oopm, Sunday, March 30th EDT (be sure to check your time zone conversion)! Visit Picture Polish to snatch up any or all of these gorgeous and very limited polishes! Their Network stockists will announce their launch time/date soon, so International polish enthusiasts – look out for their news update!


Ok ok, that was the last photo to try and tempt you! But, all jokes aside, you will love this shade and remember, there are only 400 bottles to be released!

Thank you so much for reading and I have a hunch that I’ll see you really soon. For now, many kisses to you all ♥♥♥

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