Hi again! I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with my sequence of posts and so many photos in such a short time! This post includes the 3 newly reborn Ozotic 600 series that Picture Polish is releasing this Monday, March 31st at 9:00AM Brisbane Australian time! It’s actually Sunday afternoon for those of us on this side of the world, so I’m burning the midnight oil here to bring you my swatch photos in case anyone wants to snatch up some during the release. I’ll also include a quick time-converter for you at the end of the post.

Lizzie is the rebirth of Ozotic 606, a pale lilac scatter holo. I do love all 3 of the re-released shades, but surprisingly, Lizzie became my favorite once I applied it on my nails. There’s something about it that conveys a reserved, yet enduring beauty.


Application is flawless with 2 light coats and topped with piCture pOlish Top ‘n Base. The original Ozotic 606 predates my polish obsession, but please visit Cathy from More Nail Polish for gorgeous swatches of the original Ozotic!


The new name “Lizzie” is after Elizabeth Bennet from the movie Pride & Prejudice. See how perfectly fitting this shade is for the classic day beautiful heroine?

Classic Lizzie

(Image Credit: bbc.co.uk/drama)


is the main inspiration behind the new names of these re-releases. This is the rebirth of Ozotic 623, a classic black scatter holo.

It’s smooth, it’s modern, it’s so very tuxedo handsome!


Formula was just as good as Lizzie, 2 thin coats. For those of you who are wondering, Darcy is much purer of a black than Picture Polish Starry Night, which is more of a charcoal black.

Darcy is also the link between Lizzie and Bridget, specifically, we are talking about the sophisticated Colin Firth who appeared in both Pride & Prejudice and Bridget Jones Diary, and both appearances as “Darcy”!

Bridget is the rebirth of Ozotic 621. This was actually my most anticipated re-release since I missed the 621 train and hadn’t been able to find it anywhere. It most certainly met and surpassed my expectations! The most important part for me is the warm primary red base. Bridget is the closest shade to what I imagine the ultimate primary red should be.

It’s a stunning, “all-eyes-on-me” red with the same flawless formula as the other two shades. 2 coats.

And fittingly, the inspiration behind this name is Bridget Jones, a charming and unapologetic firecracker!

Modern-Bridget(Image Credit: Indepent.co.uk)

Once again, Lizzie, Darcy and Bridget are launching with the new Picture Polish Limited Edition Borealis and the restock of the 5 LE Collection Shades: Aurora, Altered State, Gravity, Illusionist and Solar Flare this Monday, March 31st at 9:00am, Brisbane Australia time. That’s 4:00pm, Sunday, March 30th PDT and 7:oopm, Sunday, March 30th EDT (be sure to check your time zone conversion)! Visit Picture Polish to snatch up your bottle(s)! Their Network stockists will announce their launch time/date soon, so International polish enthusiasts – look out for their news update!

Thank you so much for reading and good luck to those of you who are participating in the Picture Polish launch and restock! I bid you all a happy Sunday, xoxo.

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