Hi everyone, I’m super excited to launch the Rocky Horror Nail Collection by piCture pOlish! This amazing collection has 5 polishes: Columbia, Time Warp, Rocky, Frank-n-Furter, and Magenta – all inspired by the characters of the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show! I’ve been waiting to unveil my review and swatches for a while now. Finally the ladies at piCture pOlish secured the rights of worldwide sales for this collection for you – all the Rocky Horror & piCture pOlish fans out there – launching on Monday 14th April at 9:00am Brisbane, Australia time. Be sure to check the Time Zone conversion I included for you at the end of the post!


This is the exclusive Lacquertude’s ode to Rocky Horror Nail Art I created using all 5 polishes from The Rocky Horror by piCture pOlish Nail Collection. I’m not old enough to have seen the show in the 70’s, but being somewhat of a musical and film lover, I can say that I’m truly a fan of both the movie and the show. Naturally, I was quite nervous at the beginning stage of creating concepts for this manicure. To be honest, I gave myself such high expectations that I must have drawn 20+ different ideas for each finger and for the overall look of the entire hand. I’m really happy with the choices I made and how it turned out. I was almost as obsessed with this look as I was with the show ♥♥♥

Now let’s move on to take a look at swatches of each polish that you’ve been waiting patiently for.

I’ll begin by saying that all the polishes of this collection perfectly represent the characters they’re named after. The ladies at piCture pOlish really out did themselves here. Their fusion of expertise in polish creation and passion for Rocky Horror is evident in each shade of this amazing collection.

Columbia is an opaque red jelly glitter. Doesn’t it look just like the glittery red bow that Columbia wears in her gold and rainbow outfit? I could practically see her rock it in the show!


The pictures really don’t justify how sparkly and glossy this shade really is. In bright light/sun light, it glistens and twinkles, while in the shade/dim light, it shows off the lit within quality. Gorgeous!


It applied smoothly considering the density of the glitters and shimmers, and reached full opacity in 2 coats. I’m in LOVE! If you love Rocky Horror or red polishes, then you’ve got to snatch a bottle for yourself.

Time Warp is a vampy blackened base filled with blue and magenta fine shimmer. I was surprised by how much I liked this shade. The best part is that although it looks very dark in dim lighting, the shimmers create a galaxy-like depth to the shade so it doesn’t look completely black. I think it’s the perfect juxtaposition of the dark side of the Rocky Horror Show and the vivid characters within it – nothing is quite what it seems….


The formula was slightly thick and has minor frostiness to it during application, however, I achieved opacity in 2 easy coats and as you can see, there’s no frostiness in the final top coated look.


Rocky is a super fun gold glitter topper consisting of small, medium and large highly reflective hexagon glitter. Each glitter is like a little golden mirror, shinny and loud. You’re sure to be noticed no matter what shade you choose to layer it over.


The formula was awesome. I didn’t have to fish for the glitter and this only took around 1.5 coats to get the dense coverage you’re seeing.


Another yummy picture to show you the glory of Rocky!

Frank-n-Furter is of course inspired by Dr. Frank. It’s a medium blood red. And I fell in love with the smooth and highly pigmented crelly formula. I’m wearing 2 coats.


Another favorite of the collection for me and I feel it would be flattering on most skin tones!

Picture-Polish-Dr-Frank-Swatch-2Look at that flawless shine!

Magenta is inspired by the hair color of the character Magenta! It’s this gorgeous brownish burgundy/maroon shade. Thanks to one of my dearest readers, I was able to add her just in time! I can’t believe I forgot to include it when I first wrote the blog post. This goes to show that burning the midnight oil sometimes means I can make big mistakes!


It’s so very pigmented. Opaque in nearly 1 coat.


And here’s another shot of the nail art, cause I’m really proud of it! So, thanks for indulging me 😉



For those of you who are not as familiar with the show/movie, here’s the break down of the colors used and the inspiration behind each nail:

Δ THUMB: This is inspired by Magenta’s maid outfit, using piCture pOlish Magenta and Bright White

Δ INDEX: I had quite a lot of fun creating the Rocky themed nail, as soon as I saw the gold glitter, I thought of his gold shorts. So, I did glitter placement of  piCture pOlish Rocky over Time Warp

Δ MIDDLE: This was by far the most time consuming nail. It’s inspired by Dr. Frank’s blood red lips and his signature sexy pose. I wanted the end result to look like a graphic illustration rather than a realistic photo, so I had to make sure it was flawless. I started with piCture pOlish Bright White as base, then drew the red lips with piCture pOlish Frank-n-Furter, finally, I outlined the background and the gaps between the teeth with Time Warp

Δ RING: This one’s inspired by Dr. Frank’s corset. Yes, he’s featured twice because he’s awesome, he knows it, and he flaunts it! I started with piCture pOlish Beige as the base for his skin, then I drew the plunging V-shaped neckline and strings using Time Warp

Δ PINKY: Last but not least is Columbia. I layered piCture pOlish Rocky over Time Warp as inspired by her golden jacket, then I drew the bright and sparkling red bow with Columbia


This mani was a lot of fun and pretty badass Rocky Horror in my opinion! I hope you liked it. If you’d like to have this look, then follow my blog in the side bar or check back in the next few days for a detailed tutorial!

I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let me know which Rocky Horror character and shade is your favorite.

Again, the Rocky Horror Polish Collection will be released along with the new Urban Shade collection and the new glow in the dark collaboration shade “Instinct” on the Picture Polish website on Monday 14th April at 9:00am Brisbane, Australia time. For most of us on this side of the world, it’ll be sometime on Sundy, April 13th, so be sure to check your time zone conversion! International ladies should check out the Picture Polish Network stockists for their launch time/date.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great week! Best luck to all the students who are preparing for their final exams right now. I’m one of you so I know the hard work and anxiety at this time of year. Be strong and confident, and know that I am working hard alongside of you! ~Hugs~♥♥♥

Δ Lacquers Δ

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