Happy Thursday everyone! I hope your week is going well so far! I’m back with more spring thermals to show you – the FUN Lacquer limited edition 4 Seasons Collection! There are four shades in total, and each shade represents one of the four seasons. At first glance, they didn’t really jump out at me looking at the bottles. However, once I swatched them, I fell in love with them all!

First, I wanted to share a few words on my impression of the recent 2 collections – I’m sooo impressed by how responsive the FUN Lacquer brand is to their customers. It seems to me that the formula improves with every new collection. When I reviewed her Christmas 2013 thermals last November, those polishes went on quite smoothly, reaching opacity in 3 coats; which is what you would normally expect for thermals. But with the spring collection, beyond being just as smooth upon application, each shade reached full opacity in 2 coats! And you can see that my nails have grown quite long in the photos of this post. So, I have no other words besides simply that I’m very impressed with how hard Yuin Ying, the creator and owner of FUN Lacquer, works to please her customers while still remaining creative and truly unique with her products! For your information, these are just my own two cents and I am not paid to say any of it!

Let’s get on with the photos because there are LOTS so that you can see the different facets of each shade 🙂


Purple Crocus is a beautiful purple thermal and represents ‘spring’ perfectly.


When cold, it’s a bold purple that glistens with pink shimmer.


During transition, the purple turns into a lovely pastel lavender with a very delicate purple French tip.


When warm, it’s a pale, sweet lavender pink. Here, the pink/purple shimmer add so much depth and iridescence, achieving an effect that’s reminiscent of mother of pearl.


Sandcastle, with its name alone, suggests warmth, the beach, and fun times in the sand, represents ‘summer’. It’s also the strongest thermal of the collection. I loved it so much that after I swatched the whole collection, I painted my hands with it again and wore it for a few days, thoroughly enjoying seeing the various transitions!


When cold, it’s the most fun and bright orange filled with golden shimmer. This reminds me so much of orange smoothies that I’d drink on a hot summer day.


During transition, most of the nail bed turns into a warm golden nude with a slight peach tone to it. What really wowed me was how saturated the orange French tips are when my hands are in their most natural room temperature warmth. It’s so stunning that even my husband grabbed my hand while we were watching a show, asking whether I painted the orange tip on top! As far as thermal powers go, Sandcastle is one of the most impressive ones that I’ve come across.


The thermal was strong that to get the tip warm, I had to run my hand under warm water. The result is a golden whitish nude that perfectly resembles the warm white sand.


Do You Be-Leaf In Magic is a duochrome green thermal packed with golden/green shimmer, representing ‘autumn’.


When cold, it’s a gorgeous golden forest green. You can see the bright yellow in the center of the nails and the darker green around the edges.


During transition, it turns into a stunning olive gold/green.


When warm, it turns into a sultry greenish gold.


Fall To Winter is a beautiful duochrome satin finish thermal blue, presenting ‘winter’.


When cold, it’s a midnight blue with dark purple edges. I died a little when I saw this color. It’s such an amazing blue, the kind that haunts your memories.


During transition, it’s a purplish taupe with blue French tips.


When warm, it turns into a soft, satiny purple taupe that looks lit within. This is totally my type of everyday shade.

I’m really in love with this whole collection. If I really had to pick, which just isn’t fair, but I’ll do it for you, my dear readers, my favorites would be Fall to Winter and Sandcastle. Do you like thermals? If so, what are your favorite color transitions?

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful rest of the week. I’ll be back again this weekend with another exciting post. For now, stay fabulous, and I’m sending many hugs and kisses to you!

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