Happy Mother’s Day!!! On this very special day, I want to share how blessed I am to have not just one, but two mother figures in my life. Both ladies have shaped me into becoming the woman I am today. Without them, I would have never made it to where I am now. To celebrate them, and all the wonderful and amazing mothers out there, I created this Mother’s Day Nail Art, filled with sweetness and love!


I played around with many different ideas, but since I now have 2 jobs outside of my nail blog, my time was limited. In the end, I decided that whenever I experience the deepest heartaches or the greatest joy, one of the first people (besides my husband) that comes to mind is simply “Mom”. So, that’s what  I decided to paint!


I feel that both of the special ladies in my life have hearts that are filled with abounding love – so there’s a big red heart in the middle. I painted the letters with a small nail art brush using 3 polishes from the recent Picture Polish Urban Shades Collection: Chillax (green), Swagger (blue dots), Totes (yellow dots) see my swatches and review here.

I wanted a soft, dainty and cute background for the nail art, so, of course I chose Picture Polish ‘Douceur’ French word meaning “sweetness”.


This was made in collaboration with Ophelia from Tartofraises nail blog. If you haven’t yet, you should really check out her blog. She’s such an amazing nail artist, specializing in one stroke and other acrylic nail art techniques that I would love to attempt one day for myself.


It’s a beautiful soft pink with just the right amount of glitter to add some fun. As one of the ladies who commented on my Instagram post of this polish said, “It’s perfect for spring!” I’d also add that it’s really a great alternative to a regular light pink or nude polish, fit to wear all year round. I’m wearing 2 coats.

For the red heart and flower, I wanted a classic red that has lots of sparkle, and the perfect choice was Picture Polish Dorothy.


I feel like this polish had both the right color and the most appropriate meaning, as Dorothy from the land of OZ reminds me of all things imaginative and hopeful. These are precisely the special experiences that mothers often nurture in their children.


Even with its glitter filled texture, Dorothy reached full opacity for me in 2 coats.

There it is, my post dedicated to Mother’s Day! I hope you liked the nail art and the polishes I chose. Many blessings and happy thoughts to all the special ladies in this world!! I’d love to hear your fun or sentimental memories of the special ladies in your life. Please leave me a comment here and you know I’ll write back 🙂

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