Hi everyone! Today I have Part II of the Delush Polish Spring Awakening CollectionThese 3 shades are just as pretty and cute as the first set of 3. To see the other 3 and my thoughts on the formula of the collection, please check out my Part I blog post. Without further ado, let’s jump to the photos!


In keeping with the floral theme from Part I, I got a peach carnation that works harmoniously with the 3 shades 🙂


Fleur De Peche is a pretty shimmery nude/peach base filled with bright green, peach, pinkish red and deep magenta glitters in various sizes. This is my second favorite of the collection!


Like the other shades, this one reached opacity in 2 coats. The finish is a bit bumpy, like the others in this collection. But, it’s not too bad and you can see that a layer of top coat smoothed it out mostly.



Wanna Dance With Some Bunny is a crelly white base filled with neon pink heart and neon green square glitters, nestled in a variety of pastel glitters in yellow, baby blue, royal blue, and bright pinkish red. This one is really cute, but it’s also quite bumpy. I used 2 coats of polish and 2 coats of top coat.


I’m relatively new to photographing neons. My light box provides the most even lighting and works really well for a variety of polish textures and colors, but the neon colors become more subdued. Those pink hearts in my photos show up a bit pastel and with a blueish tint, but in real life, they’re a bright neon pink, like bubble gum pink. Visit my link in the paragraph above to see Adrianna’s (the creator of Delush Polish) own swatch.

Delush-Polish-Wanna-Dance-With-Some-Bunny-Color-SwatchHow cute are those baby blue round glitters? I LOVE LOVE THEM!


You Blue Me Away is a bright blue base filled with glitters in a variety of colors and shapes.


I was looking forward to swatching this shade the most at the beginning. But, I must say that the formula could be better. You can see that even with 2 layers of top coat, it’s still quite bumpy. I’m not sure, maybe the texturized finish was intentional? Because Basket Case, Fleur De Peche, and Medusa’s Verde were all relatively smooth. Or maybe I’m just a smooth finish kinda gal, which is why you have yet seen me review any texture polishes like the pixie dusts, candy coats and sands, etc. But, maybe one day, I’ll venture out of my comfort zone 🙂


Whew, this concludes my first experience of Delush Polish! Overall, I’m very impressed by Adrianna’s creativity in making glitter and base combos that strike such a fine balance between whimsical and elegant at the same time. I would say that this line would be made perfect if the suspension base and the glitter finish can be improved. But, that’s only my opinion. Another big plus about Delush Polish is the fair price point: you can purchase her full 15 ML bottles for $8.95 USD and mini 8ML bottles for $4.50 USD here.

What do you think? Do you own some Delushous polishes? Which shades are you eyeing?

I hope you enjoyed my photos and review and have a great rest of the week! XOXO

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Δ Base coat: CND Stickey Base Coat
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