Make sure you keep reading for my step-by-step picture TUTORIAL on how to recreate my Summer Beaming Triangles nail art!

Happy first Monday of June! What’s more fitting to welcome the summer season than with this bold, colorful and fun Summer Beaming Triangles Nail Art! 


I knew that I wanted to use bold orange, green, pink, and blue colors and a white background for a nail art that BEAMS with color. Well, I think I achieved my goal with this design! What say you?


Colors used are:

piCture pOlish Bright White
piCture pOlish Hot Lips (Neon Pink)
piCture pOlish Sunset (Neon Orange)
piCture pOlish Chillax (bright green)
piCture pOlish Swagger (medium blue)



Due to popular demand on Instagram, I created this quick pictorial so you can get this look for yourself!


▲ Step 1: Paint your nails with a white base. Apply a layer of quick dry top coat to protect your base in case your nail art requires clean up, then let dry completely.

▲ Step 2: Using scotch tape pre-cut into desired triangles, tape off alternating triangles. 

▲ Step 3: Filling in the open triangle spaces with Sunset (orange) and Chillax (green). Immediately peel off of the tape in a smooth motion.

▲ Step 4: Immediately peel off of the tape in a smooth motion. And now you have the orange, white, and green triangles in the middle! 

▲ Step 5: Now, I know many of you don’t like to mess around with tapes too much, and I can certainly understand that. So, for the remaining 2 triangles, I simply drew the outline carefully using my new Pure Color No. 10 Nail Art Brush or you can use any of your favorite striping brushes. Depending on how confident you feel using a brush, how annoyed/tolerant you are with scotch tape, and how crisp and even the lines you want, you can always wait till the polishes are completely dry and mask off the nail in the same way with scotch tape for each of the blue and green triangles. The easier part for the last 2 triangles is that you will only need one piece of tape in any shape if you do them one at a time. It’s your call! 

▲ Step 6: Then I just filled in the colors carefully with my polish brush! I prefer to use the polish brush to fill in colors directly when it’s a larger space as it achieves the smoothest finish. But, if you’re quick with the striper brush, you can fill it all in that way too. Apply your favorite top coat and you’ll admire your color nails all day!!! Seriously, my husband caught me staring at my nails in the elevator. I wasn’t even embarrassed when I saw that he was laughing at my obsession of my own creation! 

For the rest of the nails, simply rotate the direction of the triangles and vary the color sequence for the most carefree and fun look. Or, you can also create the same pattern with the same color sequence for every nail, achieving a more uniform and patterned look. Either way, this nail art will look drop dead gorgeous and whimsical, high fashion yet suitable for everyday wear. And it just about matches any color you’d fancy to wear in the summer days!

Have fun and if you recreate this nail art look, be sure to tag @lacquertude and hashtag #lacquertude on Instagram. You can follow my account here, or post your photo on my Facebook wall.

I’ll let you go with one last photo. Have a wonderful day and a fantastic beginning of June!!


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